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Meeting with Irakli Avalishvili

Meeting with Irakli Avalishvili

Title Meeting with Irakli Avalishvili
Authors Mattia Baldoni, Gabriele Rota, Tommaso de Vivo
Date 2019

Tbilisi, January 2019

On 23 January, at the Institute's office located on the IV floor of III building of Georgian public broadcaster (1st channel), Mattia Baldoni, Gabriele Rota and Tommaso de Vivo, had a meeting with Irakli Avalishvili, physicist and talented painter as well as Tommaso's close friend.

Tommaso presented Irakli as a physicist and painter. Irakly replied this presentation telling that his main interest is by now art, although if the Institute's members cannot tell at the moment of the writing of the report, how Irakli eventually argumented this shift of his current interests, or whether he just felt himself more comfortable talking with Mattia, Gabriele and Tommaso about art, rather than about science.

Irakli looked around, addressing his glance towards the white walls of the office, and Tommaso took the opportunity to asking him what he thought about them. (the walls themselves)

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